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TCT Cooper Comes from East Anglia Ipswich in Suffolk, Uk. Famously known as Constable Country. Cooper travelled extensively with her two children and loved every crazy moment of the experience. They became known as the "Happy Family". She has lived in Spain and Africa and settled in Germany with her two children, where she works in a hospital cleaning while pursuing her writing career. TCT Cooper incorporates her sense of fun, love, laughter, and lust for life into her writing. Alongside her writing, TCT Cooper enjoys a successful painting career, working, primarily in abstract form, letting the brush flow and seeing what evolves.

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The Adventures of Tinkerbell, Clarita and TomTom

Clarita opened Tinkerbell’s door and climbed into the driving seat behind Tinkerbell’s steering wheel. Using a special key, Clarita, started Tinkerbell’s engine. Tinkerbell brummmed into action. “I’m Ready!” brummmed Tinkerbell. “Wait, wait!” giggled Clarita, “We must first tell TomTom where we want to go.” TCT Cooper cleverly stretches your imagination with fun and laughter in this series of adventures about Tinkerbell, a chubby cheeky green and sometimes stubbornly proud Mini Cooper and her friends as they enjoy going on their adventures and meeting new friends along the way. Clarita is a happy-go-lucky young lady with curly hair and freaky clothes. TomTom is an intelligent boffin navigator who prides himself on his knowledge of how to get around. Tinkerbell started to giggle softly at how funny Mr Mizzi looked wearing very, very clean white gloves and very, very dirty overalls. Rolling her eyes, Tinkerbell did not know what was worse, jumping like a kangaroo or squeaking.



Is your daughter's father a terrorist?

When police of three countries need to hear your answers, what should you do? Bombs are bringing bloodshed to Britain now as well as East Africa, a place from which you are the only lead. Still a schoolgirl and new to Britain, Belinda Ogwayo has to decide whether she loves mankind more as more innocent lives are thrust into jeopardy. She has all the support her mother can give but, when the UK's Counter Terrorism Unit need to know more, how far is she prepared to go? What risks can't a teenage girl from Kenya take? After all, who should suspect her, what she is really doing or who she is talking to? Belinda is in waters more treacherous than any in Lake Victoria, home of her tribal goddess. Is such a spiritual guardian enough to watch over her?

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