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We want you to be part of The Right Buzz Music Artists. When you sign up you get the following perks.


  • Featured artist profile

  • 10X Social media posts on Twitter, Linkedin, Buzz Musically Group with over 40K, and Instagram throughout the year. (We will design the graphics)

  • Played 10X on The Right Buzz radio spread throughout the year)

  • Magazine featuring a full written article and photos of you / your band SEE HERE FOR EXAMPLE

£14.99 per year

Looking for something more relaxed?

Have your music spun on our show non-stop every day for 99p per month.

Why choose us? 

We have worked with many celebs, icons, and creative talent for over 4 and a half years and we still work with celebs as of this day. We are working with many know artists like (Preston Glass who co-written We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off(Trevor Horn - Give Me Back My Heart) (Phil Palmer - Dire Straits) (Lettrice Lawrence -  Lettrice has worked with Barbra  Streisand) and many more But why would all this matter? As The Right Buzz moves closer to the industry it means that you have a better chance of getting your music out there to a wider audience and noticed by others and the music industry.

Preston Glass
Phill Palmer
Daffie Doc
Sheri Sher
Skyler Jett
Lettrice Lawrence

£14.99 Per Year

99p per month

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