Maureen Joseph is a seasoned business woman, veteran copywriter and a lifelong goth, who goes out occasionally in the sun as per her doctor's orders. She was born in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a degree in Accounting and Computer Services. She's also studied French literature and philosophy.

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I did not want to hop on that gravy train. I did not. There is no gravy, yet we have a train.

A grave train…

See what I did there?

Screaming into a pillow for almost two weeks does that to a person. People dying left and right. Friends, distant relatives in other countries, patients, customers; have your pick. Silent screams into my pillow. It is amazing how one can master the art of silent screams and sobs. Sobs are inaudible spasmic contractions in one’s throat. You feel that tightening in your chest, the back of your throat constricted to a point where you cannot breathe. You cannot strangle yourself with your own bare hands to death; there is a part of your brain that won’t allow you to do that, therefore you involuntarily release your hands. Please don’t try this anywhere. Studies claim screaming into a pillow alleviates stress and reduces negative feelings. Obviously, these studies have not taken white linen pillows that smell like bleach into consideration. Quite intoxicating I say. Yeah, I use a bit too much bleach after dying my hair indigo black. Alas, sue me! I bet I will have a few dry cleaning experts in my comments or inbox. Everyone is an expert online. Don’t believe me? I bet you my left enlarged thyroid and right imaginary nutsack that everyone on the internet is a doctor, nurse, lawyer, vet, military expert, arms expert, chef, construction worker, engineer, banker and is a PhD candidate writing a dissertation about Mahler’s Symphony no.5. Everyone is an expert. Everyone is an expert on mental health...



Twice The Demise

Maureen Joseph

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019

Format: Paperback

I’m not usually a reader of Gothic romance, but I decided to take a chance on this one. Twice the Demise is author Maureen Joseph’s debut, and what a treat for fans of gothic romance it is.


It’s about Polly Deuce, an undertaker who gets caught in an intrigue between Castor, the FBI agent who’s just entered her life, and Michael, the ballet dancer who’s been by her side since childhood.


Set against a backdrop of colorful characters you wish you knew in real life. Great, fast-moving prose with rapidfire wit and humor. Never bogs down, and the compelling and believable story made me, a non-romance reader, effortlessly turn the pages. 

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