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Although Ritchie has been dormant for some time, ”he’s now back” and with a fantastic debut album, “Sounds Of The Revolution” he’s an acoustic indie pop singer/songwriter, with a flair for very catchy, Radio friendly pop songs, his songs have a story, and all those stories are true, he’s already had mainstream and independent radio plays, in the UK, North America, and Europe, in the last year Ritchie as been BBC Radio Nottinghams most played  Introducing artists, he even made the Christmas Eve show with his Christmas song, Merry Christmas, 1 of only 30 artists chosen out of thousands of submissions throughout the midlands. Radio Nottingham has also sent 5 of his other songs to Radio 1's future music, so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for him. Of the 10 songs he released last year all 10 have now been aired a remarkable achievement, for a debut album. From the uplifting, foot stomping, Ready Steady, and Champagne and Kisses, to vibrant soulful ballads, Amourlin, and the beautiful, emotional, “Here I Go Again” and not forgetting the futuristic “Avatar Parade”, and a song everyone is talking about, and is sure to sweep the lgbgtQ club scene like a wildfire, the controversial song “Shady Lady” Ritchies album is now receiving critical acclaim and praise from all the right quarters. And many are now sure 2024 could be his year.


He’s happiest performing and you’ll often find him playing acoustically at his local open mics. he’s also broken through on the festival circuit, where he is starting to get quite a name for himself, everyone asks him the same thing,” play Shady Lady” Everything was a stage last year writing and recording, and this year his target was the festivals. He’s now achieved that.


He’s an Army veteran, down to earth, open-minded, and loves to make people laugh, yet at heart, he’s still a rebel, and not quite ready to grow up yet.

He’s running the gauntlet of both good luck, and bad luck, been skint, and homeless as many veterans do. he’s had super lows, and super highs, but says his sense of humor has always got him through, something he learned from a young age. “ He says” If I can inspire just one person to reach for those stars, to never give up, to never give in, to stand up, “to Believe” that some dreams come true, then that would be his greatest musical achievement.

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