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Matt Brown


Matt Brown comes from a background that stems from a deep love of fantasy and complex character development. Some of his influences include novels like the Dragonlance Series, Forgotten Realms, Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time, just to name a few. El’Anthar was born from these influences, inspirations, and long hours of tabletop gaming with his friends and telling stories. It has grown into a labor of love spanning many years of world building and storytelling.

Matt has various projects currently in the works, but his main project is a book series titled ‘Ancient Blood’, a story in which the main character Redgar must fight to earn his place within a culture that will not accept him, while also learning he may be their only hope for survival. Matt’s website is where he shares many of his thoughts about life, his short stories and the occasional bit of poetry. 

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Some evils never sleep for long…

A demonic shadow descends upon the elven Kingdom of Daeshal, exerting its influence over noble and commoner alike. With its hand outstretched, casting a web of lies, corruption, and murder, this ancient evil draws a young boy into its plans.


Redgar, whose powers stem from an ancient, forgotten bloodline, stands as the only human noble among elves. Fighting for a place in a culture that doesn’t accept him, Redgar must learn the depth of his power if he is to survive in their world and escape from the darkness enshrouding the kingdom.


…and the past often returns to haunt the present.

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