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A stint as a police constable in the Kent County Constabulary. Then moved onto the army. I have been a soldier with two tours of Northern Ireland. Most of my working life, I have been a warehouse man. Now I look after my wife. But I do have a story or two to tell, for those that want to listen.

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Nefatia, Goddess of the Lahmian Sisterhood

What is this Evil that stalks England? Plague, pride and parasitism have spread their webbed wings over Medieval England. Plunged into an earthly perdition where life is cheap, dare anyone hope for anything better than that death is quick? Yet what if a werewolf were willing to fight for the right? Could it walk into the cold heart of this Evil, and would it freeze or tear it out? Dare anyone hope that a werewolf that can stalk back, that can shapeshift and sidestep all suspicion, will still have a nose for where the heart of this darkness has its den? Will this Evil know what hit it, or can its servants see the silver shadow through the shrouds of sickness and sin in which it has swathed itself? Who or what will survive if the cloven hoof clashes with the padded claw? Nefatia consumes the very being of the darkness to vanish it from their realm.



Is your daughter's father a terrorist?

When police of three countries need to hear your answers, what should you do? Bombs are bringing bloodshed to Britain now as well as East Africa, a place from which you are the only lead. Still a schoolgirl and new to Britain, Belinda Ogwayo has to decide whether she loves mankind more as more innocent lives are thrust into jeopardy. She has all the support her mother can give but, when the UK's Counter Terrorism Unit need to know more, how far is she prepared to go? What risks can't a teenage girl from Kenya take? After all, who should suspect her, what she is really doing or who she is talking to? Belinda is in waters more treacherous than any in Lake Victoria, home of her tribal goddess. Is such a spiritual guardian enough to watch over her?

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