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Sheri Sher is an American Hip Hop pioneer best known as a founding member of the first all-female Hip Hop group "Mercedes Ladies," formed in 1979; gaining respect in the industry alongside some of Hip Hop's most prominent representatives and revered icons.


In 2008, Sheri demonstrated more of her multifaceted gifts when she authored her first novel, "Mercedes Ladies." The page-turner is described as "a gritty, riveting true-life novel based on real adventures of the first all-female MC and DJ crew in Hip Hop history." Cornell University selected the novel for placement in their rare books and manuscripts archive vault. Further signifying her book's importance, excerpts from the novel have been quoted in Hip Hop history lectures around the world.


Sheri has been featured in several documentaries including "5 Sides of a Coin" by Paul Kell, broadcasted on Starz cable channels, and referenced in the Ava Duvernay–produced BET documentary "My Mic Sounds Nice," in which legend rapper, author, producer Chuck D discusses the contributions the Mercedes Ladies has made to Hip Hop.  In 2000 the Mercedes Ladies received the Hip Hop Heritage Award from The group was also nominated for induction into the Hip Hop History.


As a Hip Hop music genre authority, Sheri’s voice has been featured in influential magazines such as VIBE, VIBE VIXEN, STRESS, and The Source. Internationally Sheri has appeared in Japan's Riddim Magazine and on BBC television. She's featured in several books including "All About Hip Hop," Volumes I & II by David Toupees; VIBE's Hip Hop Divas book "First Ladies" by Cristina Veran; and "Yes Yes Ya'll" by Charlie Ahearn.



Currently Sheri is on HBOMAX film “On The Records”, shopping her script from her book the journey of Mercedes Ladies . Her single “The Legend “just dropped last week, it on Spotify. Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube. An excerpt from her book will be featured on the Broadway Show “The Right Girl” produced by Diane Warren, Louisette Geiss, Howard Kagan, and Susan Stroman.

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