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Mike Hawkins

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Who is Mike Hawkins?

World-class adventure athlete | Re-empowering real men & strong women 50++ | 69y cancer fighter | Partially blind | Powerlifter | #6 in nation | 7 state records | Surfer | Diver | Kiteboarder | Speaker | Author 5 books

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I was just like many others: Caught up in a 9 to 5 job as a wheel in the cog of corporate production and comfortably checking off the boxes that most people consider part of the American dream. But one day, everything changed and simply checking the boxes to a normal, comfortable life was no longer an option.

From there, I was put on a path that led me to Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, the Indo-Pacific Islands, Hawaii, and beyond. Along the way, I have become an international adventure athlete intent on living a full and daring life. One with the “aliveness factor”. My adventures include being attacked by sharks, lost at sea, and trapped in underwater caves. Being consumed by volcanoes, earthquake, and ocean currents. Getting caught up in military coups, engulfed by huge waves, detained in Saudi and Bangkok jails, and frequent meet ups with sea snakes and two-step vipers– a small snake whose bite only gives you two steps before you’re a goner. But my story isn’t all high-octane, heart-pounding adventure. I am also the author of five books published by Prentice Hall, and the managing partner of an international business, metaRisk Theory. And now, I’m focusing in on business professionals and athletes as they embark on their own journeys in the world. With my guidance, they  can grab a hold of their wildest dreams and catalyze their way through the fear of failure that hold so many hostage to a run-of-the-mill life. I couple my personal mindset and processes with real-life experiences, leading others to see how limitless their life and world can be. And recapture the “aliveness factor”

The Process

With lots of life experiences comes a deeply personal and invigorating outlook on the world. For me, the product of each venture, experience, and challenge culminates in a unique philosophy that has a way of inspiring others to reach farther, work harder, and to get off the sidelines to create a kick-ass life. 

The process is three-dimensional and is commonly seen amongst successful people making the most out of their lives. But if this process is typical, then why are so many people caving under their fears and expectations? The answer is simple, but not easy– kind of like most things that are worthwhile. Most successful people don’t want to break down their processes and lead others out of the distractions and deflections that keep them spinning their wheels and struggling. 

Most of the battle is mindset, especially in the beginning. All too often, business professional, athletes and others have trouble translating their excellence on the field to their every day lives. They become overwhelmed when it comes to their long-term goals, because they don’t know where to start. They fall victim to the stress of failing before they even try.

Do you feel you’re not strong enough, smart enough, or skilled enough to live the kick-ass life you’re dreaming of? Do you think that your current experience, accomplishments, and natural talents just aren’t enough to propel you forward successfully? Is fear of failure stopping you from getting out there and trying? If you often find yourself thinking, “I gotta get out of here. Time to move forward,” then it sounds like you’re where you need to be. Click here to get in contact with me and start betting on yourself. And recapture the “aliveness factor”.

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