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Julia Norh

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Julia Northlives in the Medieval city of Salisbury,UK. She has oneadult daughter(who she adores) and an uber indulged Siamese cat called Tao. She has worked as an actor, teacher, seniorschoolleader, journalist and safeguarding lead. Juliahails originally fromSouth Africawhere shegrewup during the time of apartheid. The evil of racism is a theme she dealswithin her novel ‘Hear Me’ which is set in the time of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as President of the newly democratic South Africa in 1994. She still holds a great love for her African roots and the light and darkness ofthat continentfeature strongly in her novels ‘Lieutenant Hotshot’ and‘Hear Me’.Julia writesina variety of genres from children’sthrough to gritty reality and crime. She’sa writer who cares deeply about her characters and their worldsandbelieves in the power of hope and the grace of God. Shedescribes herself as a dreamer with a touch of the rebel. Sheholds aMaster’sin Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and has been a guest author at several Literary festivals. She won the adult writing section at the Salisbury Literary Festival (2017)and was shortlisted in the Yeovil Literary Prize (2012) and longlisted in the Burntwood Prize (2019) for her play Warchild.Like any writer she’s an avid reader and one of her favorite books is Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ –a stirring story of destiny and following your dreams. For Julia writing is doing just that and as an eternal optimist she’s determined to keep going.‘Hear Me’ is her third novel. 


Hear Me

After yet another shameful one-night stand, Lissa has to accept that her sisters are right - she is an alcoholic, and it's time for rehab. She hates the idea of therapy and doesn't want to examine her past, but just as she begins to see reasons for her drinking, life takes a brutal turn. Who are her fellow patients? Why is one of them so damned perfect?

Set in South Africa at the end of apartheid, Hear Me is a powerful story about addiction and sobriety, racism, the fight for justice and life after death - but above all, it is a story about the indestructible power of love.

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