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Glen Collenette

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I’m Glen, and I’m proud to say now that I’m a singer songwriter.


I wasn’t always! my journey as an artist was more accidental! I have worked in IT my entire professional life and I never imagined I would be any more involved with music other than every now and again playing Oasis songs on my guitar!


These songs are my stories, written about my own life experiences, where they took me and how they helped me through difficult times to move forward positively with my life. I wrote most of them over the last 5 years on the journey trying to find the strength to leave and move on from an incredibly emotionally challenging relationship that not only dramatically affected my life but my 2 children’s as well.

Nothing could have really prepared me for what I experienced over those years. It took a long time to finally understand what had been happening and by then a lot of damage had already been done. The longer it went on the more difficult it became to leave especially as children were involved. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Textbook manoeuvre! Someone treats you bad, just leave them! It’s not always that simple though! Marriage, families, work, and responsibility entangle you in a complex web just on their own, so add a bit of mind manipulation to that and you end up spinning in circles thinking if there’s a problem here, I must be part of it, I can fix it! Before you know it, you’re stuck in that sticky web! With no visible direction that really feels like a viable way out!

I had never heard of borderline personality disorder until just over 10 years ago! Many years had passed before I finally started to understand what had been happening. On reflection, there were earlier signs, but I was certainly not equipped to recognise them let alone rationally deal with them.

Emotional abuse is gradual, the person may not be aware they are even inflicting it on you but still, it slowly wears you down.

It slowly chips away at your soul until you’re left with little energy to do anything else other than to just stay and accept how that person needs to see and treat you with maybe nothing more than some small underlying false hope that it will eventually get better and that sooner or later that person will finally see and understand what they are doing…… and change!

We can choose to accept the life and people around us through the decisions we made, or we can take a difficult step to change something no matter how painful, and stressful that might be.

It's not easy to leave someone you love and care about even if you know they are not good for you. When, you also know in your very core that that relationship is toxic.

When it has become a daily circle of constant walking on eggs shells, stress, anxiety, and sadness!

In 2018 I took one final look in the mirror at the person I no longer recognised and decided it was enough, that it was time to start walking the path of change.

That is where this musical story begins!

It has been a creative and therapeutic journey that has helped bring a lot of clarity and me to reach somewhere I could never have imagined being a few years ago. Writing these songs guided me through that time of change and I cannot imagine being where and who I am today without them.

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