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Jennifer Hallal


Born in London, England in the 60's, to a family of five. My parents came to England from the Caribbean island of Grenada to seek a better life and opportunity here. I also have an older sister and younger brother.

Our home was a three bedroom house in London where my dad worked nights and my mother had two part time jobs during the day. Looking back, things seem simpler then. 

I was the quiet one. I very rarely spoke as my sister loved to talk so everyone remembered her and my brother, the boutrous one always wanting to fight and play football. but me, I was happy either helping my dad tear down wallpaper to add a new wallpaper or doing any painting and decorating in the house. And also, helping mum with the cooking and cleaning. 


The Spice of Life

THE SPICE OF LIFE is the first book in the series. It is about a Black Caribbean family who came to London, England in the late 1950’s, from their life in the beautiful sunny Caribbean Island of Grenada, to a different climate, culture and situation in London, England. The families internal and external struggles just to have a home they could call their own and bring up a family.

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