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Pat Hodges Details Her Journey With Hit Track "Love Revolution"

From episode: Hodges, James, and Smith

let our listeners know who you are. I did a little intro on you, but it'd be nice for you to tell everyone Oh, okay. Well, I'm Pat Hodges, formerly of the group Hodges, James and Smith And I did a solo record, almost a whole album, not too long ago, and it was produced by Peter Angel And my favorite song on the album was Love Revolution Because I still agree and recognize that the only thing that conquers hate is love Okay So, all the kind of revolutions we've had, we've had black and white revolution, and we've had George, was it George Floyd? And, you know, police, you know, killing black people and white, you know, it's just bad Yeah, I definitely agree And we need to turn that around and use that same energy for love, to love one another I agree, I totally agree Yeah Because I wanted to say something real quickly, as what really, you know, annoys me about, you know, the whole of the world Is, I've been watching these, you know, World War I and World War II, where, you know, black people weren't recognized for what they had done And they were so discriminated, and I'm thinking to myself, you know what, why? We all bleed the same, we're all the same We're all the same Exactly, the only thing that's different is our skin colour, that's all Yeah, that's all Well, you know, we all have a heart, we all bleed the same We're all the same Mmhmm Bleed the same colour Absolutely So, I mean, so tell us your journey with the love revolution Well, I'm going to tell you, Peter and I and Marion Ramsey, I don't know if you know who she is, they wrote the words And then Peter did all the music with his Pro Tools and his piano, he did all of the music And we wanted it upbeat, because we wanted people to, when they heard it, we wanted them to wake up Yeah And we wanted them to listen Basically like a get up and dance together kind of feeling Yes, yes Amen, that's what I felt Yeah, because Get on one accord, you know, get on one accord with one another So, after he wrote it, there's actually an extended version where there's no words, it's just the dance music And it was written long before, I mean, after the dance, you know, disco movement It was written a long time after that But the idea was to get everybody up and get them on one accord and to love one another That's the big thing, that's all Absolutely, totally agree And so the journey really started when I was out of the group And then the other girls, Jessica and Danita, they passed away So I was kind of on my own, I was all by myself So I was doing shows and doing little light clubs And Peter came up with this song, Love Revolution.

Pat hodges

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