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We utilize our passion and creativity abundantly as we work diligently towards achieving our objectives.


At The Right Buzz, our team of buzz agents not only possesses the necessary expertise in a wide range of fields and topics but also holds vast experience and a track record of delivering top-notch work that is customized to meet client satisfaction, all within set deadlines. Authors, businesses, and brands are welcome

Let us share your business with the world today!

​For authors

  • Publishing (This is for self-publishing help)

  • Book Editing

  • Book Proofreading

  • Book Formatting

  • Multi-platform publishing for authors

  • Book Covers for authors

  • E-book covers for authors

  • Radio Interviews & Marketing

  • Radio Ads

  • Radio interview & Marketing

For businesses & Brands. Authors are welcome

  • Video Trailers for all types of businesses

  • Digital advertising posters

  • Marketing for all types of business

  • Billboard advertising

  • Website building and design

  • Leaflet distribution includes design and print

  • Business blogging with full SEO 

  • Radio Interviews & Marketing

  • Radio Ads

  • Radio Interview & Marketing

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Omar Ramos for the photo

Janice Jones

Wayne did an outstanding job with my website from beginning to end. He provided regular updates on the progress and completion timeline, which was very reassuring. The upfront pricing made the whole experience stress-free. The quality of work on the images I provided was exceptional. I have already recommended Wayne to others and look forward to working with him again in the future. It was definitely worth the investment, especially considering it was more affordable than local options in the U.S. Don't hesitate to hire him - you won't regret it! 👊🏾❤️

Click here to see Writer | Janice Jones (


Elie de Rosen

I commissioned The Right Buzz team to design a screenwriting consultant website for me. They provided everything I asked for, in little more than a week and at a reasonable price. They were courteous, clear and professional in their communication with me. They are well worth having as website designers. Click here to see

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