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What A Great Start To 2024

It has been a great start to the year with all the amazing celebs, icons, and creative talents appearing on The Right Buzz radio. So much is happening at The Right Buzz and we are excited to soon let everyone know what is happening. The great thing is we are helping many amazing talents in the indie music industry by allowing their music to be played on The Right Buzz radio non-stop. So when we are not airing any Live shows we will activate our music playlist to be played via the App and the website.

We have been trying new things out to see if they are a fit for The Right Buzz and as you do, just some things are not meant to be. However, the great news is we have a wide range of services now available for all types of creatives right here.

Regarding the App for ISO, this is proving to be a challenge at the moment but we are working to get that rolled out sometime this year, We are working with developers to ensure that the app meets everyone's needs as well as Apple. You can get updates regarding this via our newsletters Click Here

Our Magazines are now visible on the top of our website and are free to download PDFs. The other great news is that we are working to make this available in Flip and Print. A subscription will be needed if you want that in Print. Again, please join our newsletters to keep updated on the physical magazine rollout. Our magazines are always filled with great content for music, icons, celebs, authors, businesses, brands, and creative talents in all industries. If you have any questions then please drop a comment on this blog.

All the best,


Co-founder, The Right Buzz.

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