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If you are an author, writer, actor, singer, business, or brand, and you are interested in radio marketing, you have come to the right place. Utilizing radio as a marketing platform is the ideal way to gain exposure and provides you with the opportunity to delve deep into your identity as a brand, business, or author. You can discuss your book or brand with over 50k+ listeners who tune in to the popular buzz radio station through our Android app and website.


Why should you choose us?


We have a wide range of experience working with various authors, celebrities, icons, creative individuals, businesses, and many more, helping them achieve better results. Our main goal is to assist you in gaining exposure through our effective radio marketing strategies.

  • You have the opportunity to participate in a live radio interview on The Right Buzz Radio. This interview will be broadcasted through the android app or website, reaching over 50k+ listeners. The hosts, Professor of Buzz and Princess of Buzz, will create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere during the one-hour interview.

  • We always aim for you to stand out, so we collaborate with you to craft a dazzling digital poster that will make your advertising truly captivating. This can be tailored for business, brands, music, or books. Our intention is to utilize this platform to promote the upcoming show.

  • You will be provided with your own dedicated page on our website featuring your podcast interview, biography, magazine articles, and links to your social media platforms. This page will be permanently available on our website.

  • We enjoy discussing the performances we have executed, which implies that we handle the promotion to make it easier for you to be discovered.

  • The Right Buzz offers you a chance to obtain a copy of the radio podcast trailer, allowing you to easily share it with your friends, fans, and family. Check out the examples provided below.

  • Now it is essential to ensure that all our followers are aware of the upcoming guest on our show. You will be featured prominently in our newsletters and events across all our social media platforms.

Please note that interviews are done over Skype audio only. You can download Skype via smartphone or computer. Please click here

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