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The Right Buzz Radio


Authors, Writers, Actors, Singers, Businesses, and Brands, If you are looking for radio marketing then this is the right place to be. Marketing through radio is the best way to get discovered and gives you that time to talk in-depth about you as a BRAND, BUSINESS, OR AUTHOR and talk about that book or brand to over 50k+ Listeners that tune in to the right buzz radio through our android app and website.


Why choose us?


We work with many authors, celebs, icons, creative talent, businesses, and much more helping them achieve better results. Our job is to help you get discovered through our radio marketing.

  • Live radio interview on The Right Buzz Radio via the android app or website. With over 50k+ listeners. You have one hour with the lovely hosts Professor of Buzz and Princess of Buzz who will make you feel welcome and relaxed during your interview. ​

  • We always want you to shine so we work with you to create that stunning digital poster to make your advertising pop. This can be for business, brands, music, or books. We will use this market for marketing the upcoming show.

  • You will have your own page on our website that will contain your podcast interview, bio, magazine, and social links. This will remain on our website for life.

  • Featured inside our Magazine giving you the driver's seat. You will be able to have total control on what you place inside our magazine which is read by thousands. 

  • Voice advert will be played once on The Right Buzz radio giving you that extra push to our listeners from all over the world.

  • We love talking about the shows we have done so that means we take care of that marketing so that you get discovered easier.

  • ​The Right Buzz will give you a copy of the radio podcast trailer so that you can share it with friends, fans, and family. See below the samples.

  • Now we need to be sure all of our followers know who is coming on the show so you will be inside our newsletters and events across our socials and platforms.



Radio Advert Sample

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