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See below the reasons why your story can do so much for others and you as a brand. We have had over thirty positive reviews on what our podcast has done for our guests and listeners. Our reviews can be seen here.

Giving a Speech
Why storytelling?
Be known
Empower others through your voice

The society we live in today could not exist without the influence from past generations. Human beings, as creatures of habit and tradition, hand down lessons and knowledge from one generation to the next. We pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of knowledge for our descendants to utilize. Our ability to learn from our ancestors' past decisions and use that knowledge to give ourselves an insight to our own problems gives us an advantage rarely found in other species, that of a communal knowledge pool. Our tradition of storytelling facilitates this transfer of knowledge. As a result, storytelling remains to this day the single most important tradition humans participate in. Storytelling has earned its place as the most important tradition humans possess. The most important reason for this being that every story contains a lesson to instruct the audience. Stories teach us to love, to forgive others, to be just and to strive for better than we have.


It's not about being known for what you do but it is more about being known for your personal story. Having interviews on podcasts helps you to reach out to many different people in the world and it helps you to get noticed by other industry's that maybe looking out for people in your profession. Take us for example. We started out very small with only a few listeners a week, now we are way over 1k listeners, and now from this day we just keep climbing and making contacts from all kinds of industry's that want to work with us. We have had guests email us and thanking us for getting them noticed. It's about inspiring with your voice.


Empowering others through your voice can do so much for you as a brand, our host Wayne Clark has been using his voice to empower others and the response he got when he told his story over on Facebook was warmth to his heart. He woke up to a message saying how his story had saved their family from breaking apart and now Wayne and Nicole are on a mission to empower others, but this time they wanted it to be the guests to take the crown. Your voice will not only empower others but will help them to overcome certain problems that they may face, and can also saves lives.




Only £30 

Podcast Interview uploaded to iheartradio, Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, and more.

X 4 Ad-Blast with podcast video trailer to all our networks.

Pinned Video podcast trailer for 1-week on our active Twitter account.

X 1 Podcast voice advert.

5-day advert website banner. This means you will be advertised on our website.

X 1 Featured in our Monthly Magazine - Full Page with 1 image and 1 link. Valued - £599  Limited offer.

Author Profile

£9.99 a month 

Verified Profile  ( The bottom line is that when you sign up you are verified so that our site visitors know that you are who we say you are and that you are not a fake.)

Professionally designed Landing Page ( We will book a call with you so that we can discuss how you want your landing page to look or we will talk through email if you prefer.)

Mentioned in our Magazines (We would be so happy to mention your landing page in our Magazine only once so that our readers know about your landing page.)

Access to Blogging ( When you blog with us we will share your blog to our network.)

Any YouTube video on your profile ( You can have your book trailer or interviews on your landing page.)

Fully Integrated SEO ( We work hard to ensure that our SEO is always climbing up on Google.)

Full support with your landing page ( We will be a phone call away to help with any issues you are facing or if you need content placed ASAP.)

​Please use the chat head on the bottom right corner to speak with an agent about this package for any more information or  submit.

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Once I submit I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and I give consent to Talk about it Friday to upload the podcast to all major platforms.

I  understand that I can request to take down the podcast but understand that Talk about it Friday does not take any responsibility for listeners downloading the podcast and maybe played elsewhere.

Information I provide such as MY name, bio, and photo will be used for marketing purposes, but my email is not made public.


I also agree to pay the sum of £25 once I have been contacted with a date and time, If I don't pay the following day, I will have to resubmit again.

I Understand that bad behaviour is not tolerated towards the Talk about it Friday staff and If I break the rules I will be struck off from coming onto the show and no refund will be given. I also note that if I miss my interview I will be offered a one-time opportunity to come on one more time at a later date but also note that if I fail a second time I will not be refunded. 

I understand that Talk about it Friday has a 2-day refund policy but over the 2-days I will not be entitled to any refund without good reason.


Thanks for submitting!

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