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Starlight Broadcasting was born from a small Internet Radio Station called Starlight UK Radio back in 2011, which initially was created as a pastime for myself using very basic free downloadable software.

Although there were gaps between tracks and further gaps between microphone (as the software was not built for this) It started to get quite a good following playing a mixture of music from 1950 till 2011 but mainly Motown and Northern Soul.

The latter part of 2011 things really started coming together, I met Paul Gordon a former IT Technician for the computer company Hewlett Packard. He had listened to the station and his first words to me were “You sound like two tin cans connected with a piece of string” I knew from the start It was the beginning of a brilliant working relationship as he was exactly like me pull no punches and say it as it is.

Things quickly moved on, we registered Starlight UK Radio, getting proper domains and most of all installing a good basic broadcasting software programme with a proper server and outside links to the station. From then on things just got better. A major milestone was hit when the station was getting picked up in the USA.

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