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Sheyla Bonnick

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Learnt violin and piano at high school. 

Discovered she could play several instruments just from instincts but not good enough to take seriously.  Many years later Sheyla and Maizie Williams answered an add in an English stage magazine for dancers in Hannover germany. Turned out to be not what they expected but soon afterwards Sheyla was heard singing and playing piano by a good friend at whose house they were staying. He was Donna Summers close friend and god father of Donna’s daughter Mimi. 

Karl walter swiftly arranged a meeting with a music manager after hearing Sheyla play and sing.  Sheyla decided to take Maizie and another friend along for company. 


Fast forward few months. Sheyla and maize got accepted into world famous iconic group Boney m. Sheyla struggled to cope with certain aspects of the Bands way of working and sadly left after about 9 months of promoting the band with her then best friend Maizie and another guy called Mike and Claudia Barry. 

After leaving the band Sheyla was well sort after by various producers songwriters etc one of who was Boney m’s co-producer Dietmar Kawohl to name but a few so she stayed with the same record company, Hansa Records and recorded few singles, one being a disco dance version of  Proud Mary. She also joined a Tap dancing band called Mandrake who did many tv appearances and entered the German charts.  Frank Farian at one stage also offered her a record contract but she politely declined.  Sheyla  has few solo recordings under her belt although none made any huge impact. 


Years later she teamed up with and married Icelandic bass player, sound engineer and producer Ingvar Areliusson (Arctic  Fox) who owned Abbey Sound Studios London. The famous Abbey road would send clientele to Ingvar’s studio. 

They both continued to write for and produce several acts attracting much interest from influential music sectors. 


Few years  later Sheyla reunited with her former best friend Maizie and convinced her to go out touring again. Maizie took up Sheylas offer and both successfully toured for 9 years with a similar lineup like the original Boney m but without Bobby and the other two, til clashes forced them apart again.  After numerous interest of agents Sheyla reluctantly agreed to form her own version of BM which toured the world and still are successfully and with a plethora of projects including writing her own books and designing outfits for herself and band members  Sheylas never bored. . She also paints, but most importantly she and her hubby have recently released a new fusion reggae album called JUSTIFY which features unknown and known guest musicians and vocalists including Swedish guitarist and song writer Mats Bjorklund who played on all Boney m hits. There’s also remixes soon to be enjoyed. After just few weeks of release the new album Justify is creating an impressive buzz.  Sheyla, Ingvar and team have also had two other albums, Look Beyond and Angel Cures released plus various singles.  Most Sheylas music is about Motivation and encouragement. 

Not to be forgotten is a single she recently recorded in Russian with a Soviet Union Officer plus others which had good promotion on social media. 

And of course her book writing talents must also not be ignored. She has published one book called Women are like cats and men like dogs, aren’t they? It has been out on all book platforms since few years. Another pending publication called Mixed Emotions more or less about her Boney M experience. She’s also contemplating penning her memoir at  the suggestion of a friend.  

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