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Sen Monro was born in Belsize Park, Hampstead, London. His father Cemal and his mother Feriha came to England from Cyprus, then a British Colony, in 1952 with nothing more than £3 in their pockets. They worked hard and eventually moved to Finchley from Islington. Both Sen's parents had the ability to perform, if not the means, in those harsh times. Sen's dad could have been an actor and his mother could certainly sing. Sen explains that although his parents are Turkish Cypriot, his great grandmother was Greek Cypriot. Having checked his DNA background, Sen says he is rather surprised to find he has Italian, Jewish, North African and Mediterranean heritage, all of which he embraces. Sen credits his parents for his hard work and can do mindset.

It was evident, from an early age Sen had a natural ability to act and write stories. This talent was recognized at school by his English teachers, particularly Mr Jobson and he was encouraged to pursue this talent. Accordingly, he embarked upon the journey to hone his acting and writing skills.

A keen sportsman, Sen represented his school and county at football, cricket and athletics. As a footballer, he had trials at several well known clubs, including Chelsea, Reading and Orient, eventually signing trainee forms for Southend United but then went on to play for Harpenden Town FC. Sen loves golf and enjoys general knowledge quizzes. He was once a winner on the very popular TV show "Blind Date", hosted by Cilla Black and has also appeared on the quiz show "Tipping Point" hosted by Ben Shepherd.

Sen is a fluent speaker of French and Turkish. This linguistic ability was certainly evident in his gripping performance of Dinu Bucalet Senior, a Romanian immigrant, in "The Cage" and as Emre in "Skewered".

Sen's talents are now becoming more recognized in the world of film and TV, not just because of his acting but also his script writing. He has written and produced STAGES which was critically acclaimed. Additionally, Sen has also written, TWO WRONGS, SWEET DREAMS and DIPAK CALHOUN, amongst others. All of these films are in line to be produced with well known film producers Tony Klinger and Steven Bernstein.

Sen is the founder of Gripping Yarn Films, based in the UK. He is also related to well known actor Tamer Hassan and went to the same secondary school as John Bercow.

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