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Where Have I Been?

I have been away for a while because I had to focus primarily on my finals. Living vicariously through social media hadn’t been on the top of my list. After two years, I finished my CMA and EHRS studies. It did take a toll on my writing. With the pandemic, a ghost-writing project, family, and school- my writing took sort of took a back seat- in a Renault Fuego. For those unfamiliar with French cars; Fuegos were one of the biggest lemons in Renault's history. The defects were substantial like the ghost-writing project I was working on for the last two years. Another writer had quit mid-project and I was expected to pick up their slack without being compensated. I refused. Thank God for contracts and good attorneys.

I am back to working on my blog and writing part two of Twice The Demise. I erased five chapters for they were complete trash. It is amazing what kind of perspective you acquire being a couple of months away from your own work. Like an ex, you ponder and utter the famous ‘What was I thinking?’. Complete utter rubbish. You cringe and move on.

Have I also mentioned that I have somewhat become an Emotional Support Person for a few people? Do these people not realize that I am a cynical touchstone? Oh, well. As my boyfriend in my head once said, ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here ‘. Oh, Dante! You know me so well…

And then we have the mother lode, my health, specifically my thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits on the lower front of your neck. Now, my thyroid thinks it’s a Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly. My neck swelled up like George Fisher- if only I could sing like him. Oh, well. All is dandy. I do not have cancer. The long needle they stuck in my neck for a biopsy confirmed it. No battle scars, just a thick neck that you can’t snap. I’ll stick to just being from Brooklyn for my street cred. Cawffee au lait, anyone?

As I sit here listening to Iron Maiden’s new album, I am slightly unamused. I may have horrible taste. I may need to listen to it a few times. Who knows? I am enjoying the rain in July in NYC. While I stare out my window looking at the mob of squirrels and pigeons fighting, I can’t help but wonder; should I go out on my fire escape and pretend I am smoking a pack of Gitanes just to fit in with them?

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