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Has the thought of promoting your brand or business ever crossed your mind? The Right Buzz offers various marketing strategies for businesses, brands, celebrities, influencers, and creative individuals in the entertainment industry. Recently, our focus has been on enhancing the visibility and reach of our magazines by listing them on Amazon and working towards getting them in the hands of thousands of readers from across the GLOBE. We are here to meet your needs and enhance the visibility of your business or brand, guiding you towards achieving success.


back in 2019, we embarked on a journey of interviewing authors and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our podcast, known as The Right Buzz, allowed us to sit back and absorb the personal narratives of others. A pivotal moment came when Andy J Ross introduced us to Richard Barnett, who in turn connected us with prominent figures in the TV, Film, and music industries. Among the numerous interviews, we encountered the remarkable Steve Harries, founder of Starlight Broadcasting, known for interviewing music celebrities and icons. Before his passing, he entrusted Nicole and myself to continue his legacy, leading us to Andre L Pittmon.

Andre graciously welcomed us to interview a plethora of music legends in Motown such as the former ladies of the supremes, The Manhattans, Preston Glass, Lettrice Lawrence, Pat Hodges and so many more. We feel privileged to collaborate with these extraordinary individuals and are deeply grateful for the recent recognition we received for our collective work. An Enthrone Entertainment Honors, Hall Of Fame, Class Of 2023. The Right Buzz Radio.

It was with great pleasure to have been with them all in Hollywood last night in thought. Unfortunately, we could not be there personally but in a way, we were there. Moving forward.

The Right Buzz Hall of Fame
The Right Buzz Hall of Fame

Our primary objective is to ensure that the icons, celebrities, and artistic individuals we work with are visible to the public eye through various promotional activities such as radio interviews and magazine features. We place great emphasis on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for our clients during the show, which allows them to express themselves freely and share their experiences with our audience. Furthermore, we provide our clients with an exclusive opportunity to showcase their writing skills by contributing a feature article to our magazine.

Our vision is to expand into the radio sector by establishing our very own FM radio station. We have always envisioned a television program where we would interview celebrities, influential figures, and creative individuals from the realms of television, cinema, and music. Additionally, we see our magazine in a physical print format, reaching thousands of readers and being displayed on numerous shelves throughout the United Kingdom and across the globe. Please do see here for more information or check out our issues here Podcast | The Right Buzz Radio

Our website is being updated with more content from our old website so please rest assured we will have plenty of content soon.

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