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Jennifer Hallal Tells Us About Her First Book, "The Spice of Life"

From episode: Jennifer Hallal

me a little bit about the first book It is the first, Spice of Life. That is my first book It is based on stories I heard as a child My mum was the first child to survive out of seven children that my grandmother had. She had two boys before my mum but they passed away at an early age But although my mother was a sickly child, what happened was when you had a sickly child, people would come and they would say well you had to pay for a doctor, so people used to grow herbs and stuff in their garden and say well try this try that, this one might work, that might work Obviously my mum survived because she's here today But because she was the oldest child and my grandmother was pregnant with other children, she had to do most of the housework and cooking and cleaning at an early age My grandfather, obviously he had to work so by the time she was five she was standing on a chair cooking and cleaning, cooking and washing up and all sorts of things, but then in those times that was a woman's role anyway, so she was just being trained to be a mother and a wife when she grew up Although she had also had brothers and sisters to look after because her mum's pregnancy wasn't really she wasn't well when she was pregnant, she was always sick in bed for nine months Wow, that's been hard Yeah, so and then obviously my grandfather had to work the land so yeah, but then she went to school but then she had to leave school when she was fifteen because her parents wanted, my grandparents wanted her to look after the young ones Yeah, aw That didn't actually work out, now this isn't actually in the book It didn't work out because a wealthy teacher came to see my grandfather and my mum was sixteen and he wanted to marry my mum.

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