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Who Are We
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Do you want to become a success with your brand? We all do and that is ok. Podcasts were designed to help a brand become a success. The problem is, how does a podcast become a success? It takes dedication and understanding the fundamentals of a podcast, then you will make it a success of it

This course has been designed for people that are serious about starting a podcast. With this course, you will have the ability to do it in your own time without pressure. In this course, you will have visuals and audio to help better understand some parts of the course.  Why trust us? We have worked with many celebs and icons in the music, TV, and film industry such as Vincent woods, A few band members from Dire Straits, Trevor Horn, Skyler Jett, Sheri Sher, Nick Tauber, and many more. Why not click here to read our success story, from there you will see how far we come as an example of how far you will come. 


  • Basic equipment and setup

  • Podcast hosting and graphics

  • understanding the podcast world

  • Recording a podcast

  • Podcast video trailers

  • Marketing your podcast

  • How to get clients for your podcast

  • Understanding guest reviews and newsletters

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Equipment not available on promotional deal price easter deal ends 21st April 2023

 £150 - $189.22 inc VAT

All sales are final and no refunds are given. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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