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My writing is like slow foreplay; building until the reader is breathless with need. Find my novels and short stories on Amazon. Free with Kindle Unlimited. Click the player below to check out our hot interviews and podcasts.


Inspiration for The Resort:


I wrote this story in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. Well, let me back up a bit.  The seed of this story began over a year ago when my wife, Lilly suggest I write another short story.  I was having issues with my 6th novel, Final Exposure, and she thought I could use a break.  At the time, we were at one of our favorite naturist resorts.  As I recall, we were even at the pool.  So, I asked her to help me with the concept.  We spent several days kicking around ideas and actually got some inspiration from a neighbor who has since become a good friend of ours. Since publishing the book we’ve been asked about that neighbor and they all come down to two questions; “Was he really that well endowed?” Usually followed by, “So, did Lilly really….” Our response, “Yes, he is and you have to read and make up your own mind on the rest.”  For fun, here is the first of 6 Chapters in this very hot book.




Chapter 1


“God!  She really is a bit of a mess, don’t you think?”  The soft contralto voice, came from an exasperated, looking woman, just a hint of humor overlay the words.  Standing with hands on her hips, Kate glared at the old Class ‘A’ RV. Its diesel engine rumbled healthily, belying the rest of the vehicle's admittedly grungy appearance.  She peered at it with a critical eye, then one corner of her full lipped mouth turned up in genuine humor. Normally, the white fiberglass sides of the RV were now tinged a dirty, streaked green. Kate wore khaki shorts with a green, button down SPF ‘fishing’ shirt.  The long sleeves were rolled up to her elbows.  Light brown hair, which normally fell past her shoulders, was today pulled back in a ponytail, and thrust through the back of her old Marlins ball cap.  High, sharp cheekbones served to accentuate her striking ice-blue eyes. At first glance she looked very much like a Tomboy, but that was just at first glance.  Given a second look, it was hard to miss her shapely, and toned figure. Long, smooth, and well-defined legs disappeared into her shorts where they gave more than a hint to a firm round ass.  She always complained that her torso was too short for her body and made it hard to hide the swell of her ample breasts.    

 “Well, good thing we planned a few weeks at the resort, plenty of time to clean it off.”  She finally sighed in mock exasperation to the man standing next to her.  Hands on her shapely hips she peered at the exterior and wrinkled her nose. 

 “Seriously!” Her husband, Zach stepped up beside her to peer at the RV.  He wore a favorite pair of cargo shorts and a T-Shirt with a picture of a well known Key West hangout that hung well on his tall and fit form.  “Well, it’s our fault, we’ve been too damn busy to get her out of storage for a few months.  You know what this Florida heat and humidity can do. I’m really glad you pushed for us to get away.” 

 He frowned at the faint greenish tinge covering the fiberglass exterior and sighed as he wiped his forehead.  He and Kate had spent days cleaning the exterior before putting it in storage months ago, work that just needed to be redone. 

 “At least the inside is good.  The dehumidifier worked well!” He exclaimed, looking for a bright side.

 “Good thing.” Kate chuckled.  “This won’t be too bad, really. I’m sure you will get it clean in no time.”  She gave Zach an impish grin and patted him on the arm before walking around to the back of the camper where they had just finished securing their mini to the car hitch attached to the rear of the vehicle. “Besides, I like watching you get all wet and soapy. You ready to go?”

 “Yep, just ran a last check, everything seems to be fine.  Besides, it’s only an hour to the resort.”  Zach reached out a hand which was quickly clasped by Kate.  They tugged each other close for a quick kiss before walking to the slightly open door of the RV and climbing inside the air-conditioned space. Once seated, Zach put the vehicle in gear and slowly pulled from the storage lot. They chatted amiably as he drove the lumbering vehicle along a busy Florida highway to their destination just North and inland of Miami.  After pulling from the highway, it was only a few short miles to the well kept, tree lined entrance of the resort.

 “I love this place.” Kate commented as they approached the fenced entrance.  A good size ‘guard house’ stood before the gates and decorative cinder block wall that stretched perpendicular to the entry in either direction, disappearing into the greenery.  Zach grunted agreement as he slowed by the guard house and rolled down his window.  A gray haired woman slid aside a window in the house and leaned out with a smile.

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