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Kimberly Blossom


I was born in 1986 I'm an 80's baby which means, I love a lot of music from the 80's era. I remember back in 1991, 1992 my mother had a record player then. I was raised on music that my mom listened to that I still listen to today. Parliament Gold, Bootsy Collins, smokey Robinson, the temptations etc. To me that's real classic music that will never be forgotten. Even though im not from  any of those eras. I know what good music sounds is. There will never be music like that ever again.


When I was 14 years old, the first musician I heard and loved was Elvis Presley. (You ain't nothing but a hound Dog), ( blue swade shoes) and more. When I turned 16 there was Alicia Keys,  2001 (Jennifer Lopez my love doesn't cost a thing), Janet Jackson,  Aaliyah, Micheal Jackson. 


Most musicians I listen to were and are mostly women because they have upbeat music. I also relate to the emotion in music and some of the experiences I've been through. I need something to believe in to get me through the tough times. When it comes to music there's an escapism that takes me to another place. Guys music I listened to back then was Montel Jordan, Guy, KC and Jojo, Baby face. I never was into slow music even now. If I listen to slow music it's relaxing smooth soulful music like chante Moore, Alexander O'Neal, Charelle  and Max well.  I listen to music of the 200's as well like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, usher. I do love a lot of pop music too. George Michael, Katey Perry, Madonna. 40's, 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and up I listen to.  I think today's generational music is not like the music I listen too.  I have respect for those artists that write their own material. I have a profound respect for people like Jonny Gill, Prince, Micheal Jackson, George Micheal, Diana Ross, Madonna, Phyllis hyman, Gladys knight, sheela Easton, shela E, etc. There's a long list of artists I'm a fan of and look up too and have admiration for. Artists like them gave  meaning and a purpose to music. Artist like those are my inspiration.

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