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Joshua Dragone


My name Is Josh Dragone and I’m 25 years old and have been singing for about 8 years now just having fun, but I decided to start taking it serious about a year ago. I haven’t put any songs out as of just yet, but I plan on it in the near future!

When I heard my first country song and fell in love with some Merle Haggard and ever since then I been in love with country music. I figured out how to carry tone accurately and add a little bit of rasp with some twang. I would definitely say Morgan Wallen has definitely made an impact on my music choice and I’d have to say my big influences as well is Luke combs and Jason Aldean. My friends influenced me one day when I started putting some effort behind singing and they made me sing at live events and I had positive feedback from that, and it motivated me to do more.


thanks for checking out my profile!

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