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Joseph Esposito


Joseph has been writing poetry since 2009 and is never at a lost for words. Join him on a mission to rediscover the world through the eyes of its creator in his latest book, “Time Escapes”.

He believes that with God in front of him there are no limits for him or for you.


God is his ghostwriter.


Time Escapes

Joseph Esposito takes you on a journey through time, through poetry and story. Come find peace and promise through God in the pages of Time Escapes.

Time escapes a little bit each moment of every day. Each new day is a gift from God, not to be wasted. The morning sunrise is a precious bonus, missed by many. Like a perfect cup of tea, it should be savored.

The older we become, the more swiftly time seems to pass. As a youth, it seems like we will never reach those milestones we long for. In our later years, we marvel at how quickly we flew past them. Now we look for ways to escape the ever-increasing passage of time; to create better strategies to capture and manage our time.

Because I can do what comes to mind,
I have a mind of a different kind.

Because I can feel the unseen power,
I can recreate by the hour.

Because I can listen to what must be heard, I can hang on to your every word.

Because I can do what is right,
some may like to argue and fight.

Because I can find power when I am weak, I can listen when the Lord chooses to speak.

Because I can revel in the moment,
I can stay straight and never get bent.

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