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Fri, 01 Mar


Daniel J Barnes Live radio show

Author of 14 novels | Looking to make connections within the film industry

Daniel J Barnes Live radio show
Daniel J Barnes Live radio show

Time & Location

01 Mar 2024, 20:00 GMT

About the event

My name is Daniel J. Barnes and I am a self publishing author from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

I have written 15 novels since 2015, of various genres, from fantasy to horror and the macabre. All the work I created are connected in some way whether it be through characters or places they all happen within the same universe. My work consists of… the Vatican: The Angel of Justice series, which is about a priest that becomes a vigilante in a crime ridden city of Studd City.

The Secret Hunter's Horde series which follows Abraham Van Helsing and his adventures as a monster hunter. A psychological ghost story that deals with mental health called Fear Trigger, it’s a story about facing one’s own fears, a very personal project.  As I was a pro wrestler on and off for 15 minutes I have also written a pro wrestling novel, Blood Stained Canvas that follows a top star who has grown disillusioned by a toxic world and steps into retirement.

One of the strangest stories I have written is a thriller called Dinner Party. The story for this one follows that old question of which famous celebrities (that are no longer with us) would you invite to a dinner party. Well a psychotic host uses lookalikes for his social experiment where they must stay in character throughly a very bizarre evening.

Welcome to Crimson is a fun horror romp set in the eighties, about a small town riddled with vampires and only a small group of kids know of the secret. Maple Falls Massacre is a slasher horror with a killer lumberjack that takes place in the claustrophobic environment of the wintery woods of Maple Falls.

An epic fantasy series called Hartwaker about a realm half smothered in darkness as a young girl rises up to discover her true calling and the only one that can bring hope against the evils Lord Grimalkin.

I have also produced a few children's books, Monster Meals and Eatington: Brave Banana. But before all the novels I had a little independent comics company called Dead Bride Comics where I released such comics as Starlex, Revenge is Geek, Monster Home & Vatican. Was also a colourist for Bluewater Comics for a while. I have also been a TV extra and appeared in BBC's Doctors, so quite a colourful life so far and I am just hungry to create more and more.

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