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Donna Lynch

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I began writing  when I was a young. As a very shy child, I found an alternative way to communicate. First it was letters and poetry. I also wrote daily in diaries (with locked keys) and eventually journals. After high school, I delved into banking, then real estate and lastly insurance before embarking on writing full-time, publishing my first novel, “No Regrets/The Forgiving Heart of Allyson Porteus” in 2003. Later publishing, “John’s Pond” in December 2015. Recently, I have written three Pop songs and currently collaborating on another. Writing gives me the freedom to express myself and my experiences more eloquently. A few of my pleasures, among traveling and reading, is walking in nature, weight training, Yoga and playing the piano. I also enjoy my daughter’s beautiful yellow lab named “Angel” who I care for while she works. I live on a beautiful peninsula called Cape Cod, where I have resided nearly all my life, with my husband, Bob. I have two grown children who have been the heart of my existence

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John's Pond

Like many other contemporary Cape Cod communities, Mashpee is a place divided among lines-affluence, race, heritage, and history. It will take nothing less than the selfless actions of a few pioneers to change the unchangeable.


Tobin Horvarth knows the pain of life in such a divided community. Two centuries earlier, his people's land was swindled away by European settlers. Now, he and the other members of the Wampanoag nation work to win their land back, but it's an uphill fight. Tensions are at the boiling point between the whites and the indigenous peoples, and no matter how much his Caucasian girlfriend, Laurie Matthews, tries to reassure him, he knows there is trouble on the horizon. Aware of her own family's prejudice, Laurie must conceal their love.      


Tobin and Laurie escape to Big Medicine Wheel, Wyoming, where she truly comes to understand Tobin's peaceful relationship with the beauty and serenity of nature. But that sense of serenity is shattered when they return-and Laurie finds herself the target of hatefulness. Tobin sees the unhappiness and conflict in Laurie's eyes, so he makes a decision to save them both.


Despite Tobin's effort though, it only makes matters worse.

Then when Laurie learns of her mother's dark secret, her life continues to spiral downward-and tragedy awaits.                         

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