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Dan Hamel

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I have written and published four books. I write poetry, children's books and fictional novels with great life lessons and stories that everybody can relate. My current book "Rebel Reprieve" has garnered attention from Major Distributing Companies. Two of my children's book are renowned Book Excellence Award winners.

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What's Wrong with Dad?

The sudden loss of Grandpa Ben becomes a family’s harrowing journey through addiction when Timmy’s dad, Ethan, turns to alcohol to relieve the pain. What’s Wrong with Dad? is a realistic portrayal of the psychological and physical effects of addiction as seen through the eyes of a 9 – year -old. And how one mother’s determination to keep her family together ultimately motivates Ethan to turn to Alcoholics Anonymous for help. His recovery becomes a heartwarming opportunity for father and son to rebuild their relationship. What’s Wrong with Dad? is an excellent resource for non-alcoholic parents and/or school counselors to explain to children what substance abuse is, that it’s not their fault, and that there are people at home or at school they can talk to for support. Author Daniel H., a recovering alcoholic since 2014, drew from personal experience and a desire to help others in writing this inspiring book. A resource page is included.

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