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Claire Goff


Bio- A fictional writer of social realism who focuses on the lower social working classes and their fight for survival in a world that appears to hold very little hope.

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Truth Be Told

The sweetest of lies or the bitter truth? Which one would you choose?

Thirty-year-old Kate Andrews is council estate born and bred. She’s a single, lonely, sex-deprived mother who lives for her daughter, Sadie.

Kate’s also the street’s Agony Aunt who dreams of her own happy ever after. Fat chance of that, though, when her prince charming is very much taken. So for now she’ll continue to clean toilets, take care of her family, avoid the local drama and keep her nose clean.

But when something terrible happens, Kate’s calm yet mundane existence is turned on its head overnight. Her life becomes an overcrowded, drama-infused, chaotic, blood-stained, soap opera and she’s pushed to the brink. Now she has to keep her cards close to her chest, ward off her lifelong bestie’s drink/drug-fuelled lesbian advances and protect her family from the predators who are getting too close for comfort.

Things are turning nasty on the estate and Kate’s dark side – the one no one knew existed – is about to take centre stage.

  • Will this tough single mother get revenge for her daughter?

  • Will she sacrifice her pathetic princess dream and focus on keeping everyone else happy instead?

  • Or will the explosive truth be told?

Find out in this exhilarating, rollercoaster of a read that’s packed with illicit love affairs, criminal antics, humour, danger and single-parent, council-estate banter that will keep you enthralled from start to finish.

Use the ‘look inside’ feature now to sample the opening pages of this refreshing and unforgettable crime/romance novel.
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