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If you are looking for a monthly marketing plan for your book then this is the right place to be. Marketing through us is the best way to get discovered and have that time away from marketing. Why choose us? We work with many authors, celebs, icons, creative talent, and much more helping them achieve better results and our job is to help you get discovered easier.

Boost your book promotion

  • We love tweeting and we are always active on our Twitter mingling with authors. Tweet scheduler (max. up to 4 per month)

  • 2 Book Featured Listing means that we will feature two of your books on our website for all to see and hopefully buy it! Never say never, we have had many sales for authors but never guaranteed as we are always focusing on exposure.

  • Book Mockup Banner X2 Image is important and that is why we take good care of our advertising posters so you achieve that marketing goal.​ We only do two posters per subscription. 

  • The premium author page is where all your information is stored so that readers can check you out and purchase your books through your website or Amazon.

  • We love making our Magazines look good and adding your book is the final magic touch. This will be added once.

£11.99 per month

If you prefer to check out using a direct debit or credit card please Click Here

Some Reeviews Below

J Lewis BRW Picture 10-16-17.jpg

As an author, I've had to reach out to various groups and individuals who helped me promote my books. Some did a spectacular job, while others tried, but I didn't get the results I had hoped for.

The Right Buzz is one group on Facebook, but they have presence on several platforms, including Twitter (I no longer use that platform for a variety of reasons) and Instagram. I found them on Facebook and I use them periodically, and I'm happy to say their promotion has been very beneficial. Here is a little more about The Right Buzz, so you know what they do for folks like me, and perhaps, like you!

Joseph Lewis


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