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1. This will then be transformed into a podcast that will be uploaded on major platforms such as IHeartRadio, Deezer, Itunes, Spotify, and more. You can also let family and friends know they can listen to the interview on Alexa and Google devices. If you are or know of any music artist that would wish to have a song played on our radio show that is copy write free please contact us for more information. NOTE we will get you to sign an agreement form so everyone is safeguarded. The Right Buzz would love to help you get your talent heard. 

2. A professional AD poster to advertise the interview:
this poster will be used to create events on Facebook, Linkin and others to get an audience interested in your Live Show and for you to share where ever you would like to do so.

3. A Professional AD Poster to promote you
This will also be used to help promote you and your websites or any links you have for us to share after the interview and for you to share where ever you would like to do so.

4. Advertisement on The Right Buzz Social media platforms:
These include advertisment to promote the live before you come onto our radio and then after to promote your podcast interview with hastags/stories/clips of your interview and more! Instagram/Linkin- posts, events, hashtags and stories and more. Facebook: This will include Paid Advertisement for 5 days with a clip from your interview to get listeners interested to listen to more. You will also be promoted on The Right Buzz's main page with your Ad poster in an in-depth post with your links and this will also be the same in The Right Buzz's Fan group plus other groups where we feel you will fit to get recognition in other groups publicly for anyone to share. Twitter: where you will be pinned up on our TRBmain page for a week and shared around, also advertised on our TRB promotional Twitter account and we are always finding other places to post into to get your

5. To be featured on The Right Buzz website
With this comes a direct link to your interview/podcast that will be there to stay and ongoing advertisement.

6. Put into The Right Buzz Seasonal magazine FREE to DOWNLOAD on our website
For this, we will need 3 professional photos of you and all links you have for yourself where people can go to also PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE YOUR ARTICLE FOR THE MAGAZINE BETWEEN 500 and 1000 WORDS. Also, we do have added extra perks if you would like to be ON THE FRONT OF THE RIGHT BUZZ MAGAZINE this is an extra fee of £50 if someone else has asked before you on the set month of the magazine issue we can carry your article to our next seasonal magazine so you get on the front.

7. Mentioned in The Right Buzz Newsletters
A letter that goes out to all our subscribers advertising your upcoming interview, plus a reminder an hour before the live and then also after you have had it will send out another one to promote the interview to them so they don't miss it.